About Me

Born in Manchester in 1949, I moved to London in 1967 and attended Goldsmiths College of Art until 1970. After leaving college, I lived in Pembrokeshire where I developed an interest in the environment and existed by working on farms and selling the odd landscape painting. I then spent periods travelling and working, picking tobacco and fruit in Canada and Europe, and lorry driving. Later I worked for CBS TV News and was part of a group of people making independent films.

I returned to painting approximately five years ago using my love for nature and my concerns for its conservation as subject matter. I am an active environmentalist and my art is one way I feel I can make a contribution. By closely observing fauna and flora I can better understand how the natural world works and how it can coexist with the increasingly unnatural world we are creating. I am keen to use my work to promote groups I am involved with both locally and globally.

I am also an enthusiastic member of The All Saints Chorus, a community choir based in Stratford, East London. This provides me with opportunities to produce art work based around the great biblical themes and inspirational music which we learn and perform.

Portrait painting is a recent development and challenge for me. It started with my own family and friends and has developed from there. Other non figurative work on this site reflects the fact that my tastes and influences are more wide ranging than the figurative nature of much of my work.